We make films about people for people. Whether advertisement or a film – if it’s our product, you will laugh or cry with us, you will get excited and speculate with us. Our productions give knowledgeable answers to viewers’, company prospects’, clients’ and guests’ questions.
Films made by Marks & die Engel are always recognizable by truthfully humanity and emotions.

. . and we make the impossible possible: whether the exclusive interview in a startling murder case or a unique background reportage on a world-shaking tragedy or just the most sensational pictures from a rollercoaster. It will send shivers down your spine!

The success of a TV production company depends on its creativity in finding topics. Many get their stories from Print-reports or newstickers – we have the stories before they are published. And this works only with Networking. Our long-time TV-experience guarantees that we will produce specifically your broadcasting and that your USP is our main focus.