Together with the authoress Sabine Kuegler Britta Marks launched the bestseller ‘Dschungelkind (Jungle Child)‘. The book gets world wide success and has been translated in 24 languages.

RUF DES DSCHUNGELS (Call of the Jungle)

Even the second book ‘Ruf des Dschungels (Call of the Jungle)‘ is an bestseller. The follower of the bestseller ‘Dschungelkind (Jungle Child)‘ by Sabine Kuegler was published September 2005 and is now available at bookstores.

POOJA, DAS ELEFANTENMÄDCHEN (Pooja, the elefantgirl)

PoojaThe new project from Marks & die Engel Media GmbH is called ‘Pooja, das Elefantenmädchen (Pooja, the elefantgirl)‘. The book was released at October 12th 2006.
Britta Marks operated as agent of literature and won the Droemer Verlag over for this project. Again the ‘Marks & die Engel Media GmbH’ works as press advisor for TV. ‘Pooja, das Elefantenmädchen (Pooja, the elefantgirl)’ was Released on October 12th by Pooja Marske at Droemer.